Here are a few testimonials regarding Keith Luscher’s work.

“As a content/IP development expert, Keith has helped me create two leadership online journals that have over 135,000 readers in our communities. His efforts have landed me several new partners who will generate 25 percent of my revenue in the coming year. With his efforts and expertise I’ve been invited to speak on platforms with many global thought leaders that include M. R. Covey and Jeff Dyer to name just a few. I’ve also done guest blogs for several well respected global leadership brands that have allowed me to increase my reach into Europe and Australia.”
—Tripp Braden, Strategic Alliance Advisor & Founder, Strategic Performance Partners, Cleveland/Columbus, OH

“We have used Keith for a number of marketing related projects. He has been helpful in strategic discussions on how best to market our services to our target audience. Keith has good business instincts. We have always felt that with Keith we have received more for our money than we expected to get.”
—Mark Palmer, Principal, The Joseph Group Capital Management, Columbus, OH

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Keith a number of times over the past decade and have enjoyed the experience each and every time. He is the consummate professional. He always looks to add value to any project or relationship he is a part of and has done so every time that we’ve worked together.”
—Steven Rothberg, President and Founder, CollegeRecruiter.com, Minneapolis, MN

“Prospecting is the number one concern for any sales professional—or for that matter anyone who is looking for new career opportunities. That’s why I started Big Fish Networking in the first place. And I have to say, when it comes to tackling this challenging issue, Prospect & Flourish nails it better than any resource out there. Luscher takes a complex topic and keeps it simple, both in his book and in our workshops.”
—Steve Baldzicki, Founder & President, Big Fish Networking, Columbus, OH

“Keith Luscher’s ‘wedge’ strategy works! Although this isn’t the norm, one of the recipients of a recent letter, the president of the organization, organized a meeting with his leadership and me after I made the initial contact. He informed his assistant to contact me, to arrange a time for five of us to meet at once!”
—Merri Bame, Executive Communication Coach, Breaking Down Barriers, Columbus, OH

“I’ve been in sales and business for more than thirty years. Luscher’s step-by-step, proactive approach to generating referrals alone makes Prospect & Flourish highly worthy of its modest investment.”
—Wayne Booker, Business Broker, Prudential CRES Commercial Real Estate, Columbus, OH

“After retiring from a successful forty-year career in the life insurance business, I wasn’t ready to just play golf. I wanted to pass along to others in the industry the knowledge of how to effectively prospect for new clients. Achieving this goal required more than just having this knowledge—I needed some direct guidance and assistance in packaging it, and combining it with the input of other colleagues in the industry. This is where Keith’s service was invaluable. With Keith Luscher’s help, my resulting program and textbook, Prospect or Perish, is taking the financial services industry by storm. He is truly gifted, on many levels.”
—I. David Cohen, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF; Adjunct Faculty Member, The American College, Columbus, OH

“Keith Luscher is among the best in the business, having worked with him for more than ten years. His exceptional skills in listening and framing, not to mention his supreme expertise in marketing and communication technologies have made him an integral part of many successful campaigns. He gets my heartfelt recommendation and upmost respect.”
—Joseph S. Czarnecky, Senior Consultant, Goettler Associates, Inc., Dayton, OH

“Prospect and Flourish! This is also a book title from Keith Luscher that I recommend for new and old. His approach is straight forward and ties together a lot of things we get comfortable with over time and stop doing.”
—Fred Dempster, Capgemini, Sr. Manager, Finance Transformation

“New Horizon Press seeks authors who strive to improve the human condition, and Keith Luscher’s book, Don’t Wait until You Graduate, now in its second edition on our backlist and translated into Chinese, continues to be an important book for young people who want to enrich their own lives by enriching the lives of others. We are proud to have Keith Luscher as an author at New Horizon Press.”
—Dr. Joan Dunphy, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, New Horizon Press, Far Hills, NJ

“Prospect & Flourish is simply the most focused, and best resource on learning how to prospect I have ever seen. I highly recommend it!”
—Jo Ann Florey, Branch Manager, Allied Home Mortgage, Westerville, OH

“I know Keith both personally and professionally. He is one of the most thoughtful, and thought provoking businessmen I’ve ever met. He has an uncanny ability to uncover the needs of his clients and the sincerity in which it is done is a breath of fresh air. His talents can be enjoyed by reading any of his published books; which in itself is an illustration of his professional ability. In economic times like these, I can recommend Keith and his service without reservation to anyone.”
—Chris Gardner, Principal/Executive Recruiter, Artemis Consultants, Columbus, OH

“Prospect & Flourish is an awesome book and a tremendous program! The part on ‘wedging your foot in the door’ is, by far, the best assembled and explained prospecting strategy I have ever seen. This specific strategy addresses the #1 concern of sales professionals.”
— Kim Gerhart, General Manager at Cologix, Inc., Columbus, OH

“When Keith Luscher first came to work for our firm back in the early nineties, one of the challenges we faced was marketing—both in doing the right things, and in doing them right. Keith played a leadership role in creating a consistent marketing structure that allowed us to take full advantage of the resources at our disposal, and has produced results. We continue to use this structure to this very day. Further, his expertise in marketing and media has proved invaluable through many highly successful client engagements spanning more than ten years.”
—John Goettler, CFRE, (then) President, Goettler Associates, Inc., Columbus, OH

“When we were looking for assistance in growing our organization, we interviewed several firms, most of whom reflected only a superficial understanding, recommending their standard approach to solving our problem. We hired Keith Luscher for one reason: he listened. He invested the time necessary to understand our organization, our mission, and where we were coming from. Keith asked questions we hadn’t even asked ourselves—demonstrating not only an understanding, but an investment in a shared approach.”
—Julie Harmon, Ph.D., Executive Director, IMPACT Safety, Columbus, OH

“Keith is an expert in the field of planning for a career after college. His books and workbooks are superb. He is a good speaker and relates well to the students.”
—Lin Hess, The Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, OH

“In promoting the GE Profile Harmony Clothes Care System, we needed a strategy that would go well beyond product publicity. Peppercom’s idea was to create a light-hearted campaign pitting women against men on the subject of why men hate doing laundry and position GE Consumer Products as experts on the “Great Laundry Divide” by generating and sustaining significant media coverage about National Men Do Laundry Month. As the author of Real Foreplay—a book that revealed the importance of chore equity in establishing household harmony—Keith Luscher added the element of sexiness to laundry by serving as our spokesperson. The results were outstanding, and are highlighted in one of our favorite case studies.”
—Meggan Lennon, Account Executive, Peppercom, New York, NY

“A big obstacle we often face to growing our business is actually running it. We always knew we had to continuously seek out new client relationships, but until we brought Keith Luscher in as our consultant, we didn’t give this activity the focus it deserved. With Keith’s counsel and interventions, we are focused! We are growing our bottom line and have raised our sights in where we want our business to be in the years to come.”
—Matthew Palmer, CFP, President, The Joseph Group Capital Management, Columbus, OH

“Keith has a God-given talent for converting the complex into their simplest form so everyone can understand and learn. He is a great speaker and someone that makes you believe in yourself.”
—Thomas W. Parry, Community Strategist, Greenville, SC

“Keith is a trust worthy person who cares about helping people! I know Keith on both a professional and personal level. I would recommend him to anyone who needs his services and know that that they would be well taken care of in every possible way.”
—Chris Pedon, Associate Real Living HER Pedon & Page Office, Real Living HER, Columbus, OH

“When our company made a significant investment in a new tradeshow display, we knew we wanted some kind of video element to achieve maximum impact on prospects, customers and the manufacturers whose products we distribute. However, we couldn’t quite put our finger on the right solution. After one short meeting with our staff, Keith Luscher was able to recommend, design and create just the solution we needed. Tradeshows are a big part of our ongoing marketing. Thanks to his assistance, we continue to create maximum results from our investment. In fact, it’s already been copied by some of our competitors.”
—Craig Peterson, Vice President, Webster Veterinary (then the Columbus Serum Company), Columbus, OH

“Keith is not only a genuinely caring and ‘give first’ oriented guy, he is an exceptionally gifted author and strategic thinker about growing your business via prospecting…which every business must do. He example of being a consummate networking professional is one to follow as well. He is a ‘go to’ guy on many fronts. Get to know him!”
—Jon Price, Director of Business Development, Phylogeny, Inc., Columbus, OH

“Whether you are just starting out or growing your practice—the key activity is prospecting. Otherwise you plateau and then go downhill. Luscher gets right to the point, and keeps you focused on what should be your number one activity.”
—Erick Zanner, Registered Investment Advisor, JDM Investment Counsel, Columbus, OH