OutboundB2B™: From Online Connections to OFFLINE Conversations

OutboundB2B™ is a high-level, targeted B2B LinkedIn & Email Outreach Framework.

There is no real secret or trick to effective marketing, other than the successful combination of four key elements:

  1. The RIGHT message,
  2. To the RIGHT audience,
  3. At the RIGHT time,
  4. Through the RIGHT channel(s).

For our purpose, items #1 and #2 are most crucial, as we can be delivering our message to our audience on multiple occasions through several channels—but if our messaging and targeting is off, none of it matters.

Outbound B2B is a done-for-you SERVICE, with DAILY and WEEKLY activity that leverages both automation and humanization in our outreach. Indeed, the most time-consuming and redundant tasks are automated for us—but not so much that the human element of real, sincere outreach is removed.

Because this is a high-level B2B digital prospecting strategy, this service deploys straightforward, online messaging strategies with cutting edge technologies to connect and engage with suspects (those we’ve identified as fitting our customer avatar) and move that engagement from online to OFFLINE as quickly as possible (in most cases, a live, real-time conversation via teleconference or in-person.)

And all this is achieved without cold calling or advertising.

When this FIRST CONVERSION occurs (i.e. a teleconference is scheduled), the prospect is then placed into your company’s normal optimized sales funnel (of which the teleconference or meeting is typically the first stage).

If your company’s sale funnel requires extensive attention, that work is outside scope of this particular service—the SOLE FOCUS of which is to generate that FIRST CONVERSION on your behalf.

A Bit More about the RIGHT Message to the RIGHT Audience

For this strategy to be effective, it starts with looking at our business and identifying a niche market that we can serve better than anyone else. Digital marketing has taken the significance of focusing on a niche to a whole new level.

Social platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook are pure examples of the awesome power of targeted, digital marketing. Unfortunately, too many marketers treat it like mass media—including your competitors.

When we effectively target our outreach efforts (the RIGHT message) to a predefined niche (the RIGHT audience), prospecting becomes much easier—especially in the digital space.

Learn More about Niche Marketing.

Outbound B2B is Not a Fit for Everyone.

This process is not necessarily a fit for every individual or business. But for those who are willing to trust the process, it can be very effective in attaining more business clients.

Further, due to the competitive nature of some industries we serve, SYP Media can only serve one client per industry per market.

This service is provided on a monthly basis. There are no contracts or other lengthy time commitments, outside of investing the time and resources in putting the structure in place (typically completed within the first 30 days) and giving it time to deliver results. Once the campaign is up and running full steam (by the second month), we should see new prospects come in pretty quickly.