Intellectual Property (IP) Development

Grow the Value of Your Business by Developing Your Intellectual Property and Building Your Content-Capital

Our process of developing intellectual property (IP) for your organization is best described as a “content production process on steroids.”

We aren’t talking about drafting 300-word articles. We are talking full-length books (250 pages and up), in a process that can be completed in as little as 90 days.

If your organization possesses true expertise, then consider these reasons why creating one or a series of published books should be a serious and top priority:

Your intellectual property is a true non-liquid BUSINESS ASSET. If and when you reach the point that you are able to and wish to sell your company, having a fully developed and published library of intellectual property will have a powerful impact on your company’s valuation.

It becomes a door-opening tool to new, pre-qualified prospects. Key decision makers get hounded with marketing materials for products and services of all kinds. A professionally written, designed and published book— hand delivered—will show a pre-qualified prospect that you mean business, that you have been serving your market for some time and that you not going anywhere.

It can be used as sales collateral at meetings and professional trade shows.  Just the display of your books as a primary component of your portfolio of products and services will spark the interest of prospects and make your brand stand apart from your competitors (especially those who have not refined and published their material as you  have).

As a tool used for market penetration (i.e. opening new doors), your book will be crucial to fueling growth of your brand. A brand is not just about name recognition—it is about that name and image being associated with a trusted quality product, high value and in some cases, a life altering experience.  It is likely that your organization already embodies these qualities, so it is natural for your organization to be publishing as thought leader.

Endless Content: How Our Unique Approach Benefits You Further:

Thanks to our different approach to this production process, even as your book is coming together, by default, a virtually endless amount of content will be created that can be repackaged into what includes, but not limited to:

  • informational videos for marketing
  • educational support videos for current clients
  • training videos and delivery scripts
  • countless articles for publication in:
    1. blogs
    2. newsletters
    3. special reports / white papers
    4. third-party industry and professional publications
    5. case studies
    6. SlideShare presentations

Essentially, the very process will not only create your book but it will give you an almost endless supply of written and video content from which to use for ongoing marketing and brand building.  And you will be able to begin leveraging that content even before your book is published.