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To Get Your Foot in the Door, Use a Wedge™

door-in-darkWhy is getting your foot in the door such a challenge?

When building new client relationships, “getting your foot in the door” consistently presents the greatest challenge for business-to-business (B2B) sales professionals. To this end, we have identified FIVE primary “door jams:”

  1. No connection or previous relationship.
  2. Not knowing the identity of the decision maker.
  3. The contact’s own distractions.
  4. The gatekeeper.
  5. The economy, everyone in a “hold” mode.

How do you get your foot in the door of a prospective client despite these challenges–especially at locations where you don’t have a personal introduction or relationship, and nobody knows you?

Our answer: Use a Wedge.

The Wedge is not a gimmick…but a hands-on eight-step strategy for experienced professionals who know their profession and the value they bring to others. It is a highly effective, GUARANTEED method of identifying and securing an appointment with key decision-makers in companies of all sizes. Through The Wedge, you learn:

  • The eight-step strategy that WILL secure appointments with the right decision makers at companies where you otherwise have no connection.
  • The structure required to introduce yourself on a favorable basis—and make yourself stand above your competition.
  • Where you can go today to search out and access detailed, updated, and downloadable information on any company in the United States or Canada—for FREE.
  • How to identify key decision makers at the companies you wish to penetrate.
  • How to work with—not around—administrative assistants and gatekeepers, and make them your ally!
  • Specific, priceless steps to follow that will give that first point of contact the greatest impact.

This strategy, when executed with prudence and care, WILL multiply your success of getting into the doors of prospective employers and networking contacts many times over. We not only say this with confidence; we GUARANTEE IT. Once you have reviewed this strategy and internalized it, you will see for yourself that it makes perfect sense, both in logic and simplicity.

For more information on learning how to use The Wedge for your business, contact us at (614) 706-4337.