Content Marketing

Convert Wary Prospects into Trusting Clients.

When you create content for your website, lead generation or social media strategy, you invest in creating an asset that truly stands on its own merit because of the benefits it delivers to your prospects and customers. That asset can be leveraged for years to come.

That’s why content is greater than king. Content is Capital—if it serves your prospects in a compelling manner. It could do this through:

  • Entertaining them in some way (help them escape their reality),
  • Addressing a compelling problem or issue (help them change their reality).

If so, it is an asset that you can leverage for returns to your business again and again. That’s what makes it capital.

Good Content is Like a Soybean

When you have solid content that delivers value to your prospects, you can repackage and reshape it in the same way that a soybean is used in different kinds of food.

For example, let’s say you’re an expert in cost cutting for businesses. You create a six-step “road map” that your prospects can follow, so they can learn how much money they can save in their business operation. We have a unique approach to helping you (almost-) instantly transform that road map into any or ALL of the following:

Blog Articles. It could be summarized or split up into a series of blog articles (a campaign).

YouTube spots. The actual footage can be edited into a series of brief features, one leading into the other (another campaign).

Podcasts. The audio can be edited into short segments, for prospects to download or stream to their computer or mobile device.

Whitepapers. You can edit the transcript into a detailed document that can be offered as a premium for a lead generation campaign.

Infographics. Can your ideas be presented visually? Can your “six steps” be illustrated in a flow chart with images?

Feature articles. Another opportunity for transcript material to be reworked, edited and distributed via third party publications.

Newsletters. If you already publish a newsletter of your own, the same benefit applies.

Tweets. Your content may reveal teaser messages, inviting your Twitter followers to learn more (thus gaining more followers in the process).

Slideshare presentations. Not to be confused with traditional Powerpoint presentations (text-heavy and boring), this medium is a great tool for self-guided storyboards that can deliver a compelling narrative, and allow viewers to digest it at their own pace.

Books. A bit more lengthy of course, but a published and printed book can be one of the best calling cards you can ever leave behind, not to mention the inherent value it may command on its own (see IP Development).

Are you beginning to understand our point? All this potential from a single piece of content generated within a couple hours on a single day. But there is a catch: you and/or your colleagues must have knowledge and passion. It you possess both of these, then we can help you leverage it into creating content that will serve your prospects, build your brand, and grow your business for years to come.