Turbo-Charged Testimonials™

Turbo-Charged Testimonials

Turbo-Charged Testimonials™ are THE:

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…way to begin using VIDEO for your website, social media and face-to-face prospecting strategies.


Check Out Some Examples from Other Clients!

We all know that happy customers are great for prospecting for new ones–through referrals and introductions, and also through getting testimonials that you can use in your customer communication materials. But there is one medium that I have yet to see businesses leverage to its fullest potential for this purpose, and that’s video.

More importantly, however, video can capture the emotion of those happy customers in a way that cannot be expressed in written word alone. This all can be accomplished by creating a video-based Customer Showcase.

Note my reference to a “customer” showcase over a product showcase. Products are features. Happy customers are the finest representation of your value and benefits you can have. It’s great to have the exuberant customer (whose full names are always disclosed unless there is a valid reason to do otherwise) who tells us, on camera:

  • how you made their life or business less stressful and more enjoyable
  • what their situation was like before you intervened, and what it is like now
  • why when asked who to call for similar help, they would think of none other than your company

It’s great to have written testimonials. It’s another thing to use on-camera testimonials to visually and emotionally capture the attention of your prospects. Offering steak is easy. But with the help of your customers, your prospects will see, hear and feel the sizzle. With video, you are selling the emotion, the satisfaction, and pride that comes from being your customer! This will only reinforce your value proposition.

Check out some examples below. They are shot in full high definition using a Sony HDR Series camera, with professional lighting and broadcast quality audio on the speaker. We believe in adhering to the highest production standards for corporate and broadcast quality video, thus making your customers look good, who are there to make your business look good!

Examples from Some Other Clients…