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High Praise for Prospect & Flourish:

Here's what others have said on AMAZON about previous editions of Prospect & Flourish...

Matt Bradford

CTO - InsightETE Corporation

Must-buy for anyone in sales!

Keith Luscher has taught me strategies of how to gain a potential client's attention without portraying the image of a salesman, and how to keep an existing client loyal. In fact, we are using his book as a teaching tool in my networking group. Highly recommend to anyone in sales.

Stephanie S.

CPA / Financial Advisor

Prospect like a True Professional!

Keith Luscher provides a refreshing framework for prospecting. Other books that I have read on the topic all talked about the numbers game...Keith instead talks about the quality of prospecting interactions rather than the quantity. Keith encourages his readers to deliver real value to prospects as a way of earning their confidence and their business. This book contains many specific strategies for prospecting, such as Centers of Influence and "The Wedge". This book has helped me to improve my results from prospecting. I recommend this book to anyone who is challenged by prospecting and desires a fresh perspective.

Tripp Braden

Succession Management Advisor

Great resource for busy sales professionals and sales leaders

Less than 20% of all sales professionals are calling on the right people within their markets. Prospect and Flourish helps you find the right people and then get an appointment with them. Keith Luscher provides several different ways to begin relationships with your best clients. He also provides practical advice to help you increase your sales success and put you back in charge of your prospecting process. If you’re an entrepreneur, sales professional, or leading a sales team, this material helps you break through the noise and deliver quality sales results quickly.