Selling is EASY. But Prospecting?

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Organically Generate Your Own Leads, Build Your Professional Brand, Become a Networking Maven...

Introducing the NEW EDITION of Prospect & Flourish...completely ONLINE

Prospecting is a wide, diverse subject (even more so than sales!).

Prospect & Flourish is a ten-part, easy-to-digest online curriculum that you can work through in groups or individually, and at your own pace. Your access is forever—and you can revisit it often for updates and to refresh or focus on a specific skill set.

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Our online reviews speak to the quality, power and impact of Prospect & Flourish over the past several years. This new, updated and completely ONLINE EDITION is priced affordably to make it a no-brainer decision for yourself, or your sales team.

On top of that, we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE: if at any time you feel this program does not meet your needs, you can request a full refund and we’ll cancel your account.

Master the Art of NETWORKING

Become a networking maven, and build connections and relationships with people from across town to around the globe.

Properly Engage Others

Become properly scripted, so they will know what to say before they say it when it comes to engaging prospects in all types of situations.

Build Your Personal Brand...Organically

Learn to properly use social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to engage prospects by delivering value while building a professional brand.

Generate Referrals & Introductions

Learn the art of properly asking for referrals and introductions (This BEGINS with actually knowing the difference between the two!).

High Praise for Prospect & Flourish

Here's what others have said on AMAZON about previous editions of Prospect & Flourish...

Matt Bradford

CTO - InsightETE Corporation

Must-buy for anyone in sales!

Keith Luscher has taught me strategies of how to gain a potential client's attention without portraying the image of a salesman, and how to keep an existing client loyal. In fact, we are using his book as a teaching tool in my networking group. Highly recommend to anyone in sales.

Stephanie S.

CPA / Financial Advisor

Prospect like a True Professional!

Keith Luscher provides a refreshing framework for prospecting. Other books that I have read on the topic all talked about the numbers game...Keith instead talks about the quality of prospecting interactions rather than the quantity. Keith encourages his readers to deliver real value to prospects as a way of earning their confidence and their business. This book contains many specific strategies for prospecting, such as Centers of Influence and "The Wedge". This book has helped me to improve my results from prospecting. I recommend this book to anyone who is challenged by prospecting and desires a fresh perspective.

Tripp Braden

Succession Management Advisor

Great resource for busy sales professionals and sales leaders

Less than 20% of all sales professionals are calling on the right people within their markets. Prospect and Flourish helps you find the right people and then get an appointment with them. Keith Luscher provides several different ways to begin relationships with your best clients. He also provides practical advice to help you increase your sales success and put you back in charge of your prospecting process. If you’re an entrepreneur, sales professional, or leading a sales team, this material helps you break through the noise and deliver quality sales results quickly.

What You Receive...

The core program is made up of Ten Chapters, divided among Four Modules. Each Chapter contains three or more individual Lessons. They begin with the basics, some of which you might be familiar with, but will gain an even clearer understanding. It's also important to get all of us on the same page as we move into more and more advanced strategies, as the Chapters progress.

Each Chapter includes several Lessons. Each Lesson includes:

  • a Video-based webinar lesson
  • Printable handouts that include presentation content
  • Printable course curriculum for each Lesson (apart from the video lesson; not a transcript) 
  • An Online Review Quiz, so you can test your learning. 

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Tap or Click on Chapter Listing for Summary and Lessons.






Tap or Click on Chapter Listing for Summary and Lessons.






Tap or Click on Chapter Listing for Summary and Lessons.






Tap or Click on Chapter Listing for Summary and Lessons.


> EPILOGUE: Thinking About Giving Up?

Wait! As they say on TV: We’re not finished...!”


LinkedIn B2B Bonus: A Framework for Success

LinkedIn is THE most robust, powerful, and accessible business database on the planet. And yet, the vast majority of business and sales professionals we engage with will be the first to admit that they are not using this resource nearly as effectively as they could be. Using LinkedIn effectively for prospecting isn't rocket science... but it does take some learning and practice.  

Bonus 1
LinkedIn Fundamentals

Here we will introduce the LinkedIn platform, with a special emphasis on understanding the various levels of connections on LinkedIn. We then dive into your profile, and get it optimized with the right messaging and social proof. Lessons include:

  • 1.1 Introduction and LinkedIn Connections
  • 1.2: Profile Optimization (The Basics with a Few Extras)
  • 1.3: Social Proof on LinkedIn
Bonus 2
Sales Navigator Strategies

We love Sales Navigator! Did you know you can use LinkedIn to identify members of the C-Suite, and other decision-makers for specific companies? LinkedIn is probably one of the greatest business databases on the planet...largely because it is constantly being updated, organically, by the people themselves. Lessons include:

  • 2.1 Introduction to Sales Navigator
  • 2.2: Lead Search by COMPANY
  • 2.3: Tips for 3rd-Degree Connections
  • 2.4: Using Search Filters
Bonus 3
Real-Time Engagement

Engagement is about creating conversations that result in a prosperous business relationship. In this lesson, the rubber hits the road, and we introduce to you the strategies and approaches to truly convert online connections to OFFLINE CONVERSATIONS! Lessons include:

  • 3.1: Creating Conversations
  • 3.2: Engaging on LinkedIn
  • 3.3: Online Scheduling

About Your Instructor,
Keith F. Luscher

Keith Luscher brings more than twenty-five years of experience to prospecting, sales, content marketing and IP (intellectual property) development. As your instructor in Prospect & Flourish (four editions of which were previously published), he'll show you how to identify and qualify your own leads, engage them as prospects, enabling you to convert them into customers.  

Keith is a graduate of The Ohio State University. He invites you to connect with him online through any of the major social networks. 

Here’s what folks are saying about Keith Luscher’s work:

Mark Palmer

Co-Founder, The Joseph Group

Helpful in how best to market our services to our target audience...

We have used Keith for a number of marketing related projects. He has been helpful in strategic discussions on how best to market our services to our target audience. Keith has good business instincts. We have always felt that with Keith we have received more for our money than we expected to get.

Chris Gardner

CEO, Artemis Consultants

Can uncover the needs of his clients...

I know Keith both personally and professionally. He is one of the most thoughtful, and thought provoking businessmen I’ve ever met. He has an uncanny ability to uncover the needs of his clients and the sincerity in which it is done is a breath of fresh air. His talents can be enjoyed by reading any of his published books; which in itself is an illustration of his professional ability. In economic times like these, I can recommend Keith and his service without reservation to anyone.

Matthew Byrne

CEO, Spiralight Group Benefits, Inc.

“ what I do best, let others do the rest.”

All business development people are seeking greater ways for leverage and cost efficiencies. We have been able to leverage one channel to successfully create valuable content for many others. It has enabled us to more quickly respond to rapid changes in our industry, drive productive traffic to our web properties, generating more leads and boosting sales. Most importantly, because Keith has taken the time to learn our industry, he’s allowed me to ‘ what I do best, let others do the rest.’

What’s the ROI?

Don’t you really mean, “What do I get for my money?” In reality, this is the wrong question to ask, but we will get to that in a moment.

Indeed, the return on your investment is fairly simple to calculate. First of all, in addition to our Lifetime Guarantee (cancel your account for a refund at any time), we do guarantee this: if you adopt just a few of the approaches that you will learn throughout this experience, you WILL see results. It is as certain as planting seeds in healthy soil and nurturing your crop—you will see a harvest. But your return on the investment is and always will be very much up to you.

To calculate a numerical return, consider this simple formula (which we call The Power of One):

  • Let’s be conservative and say that what you learn in this program enables you to create at least one new client relationship.
  • In most professions, the program has just paid for itself—perhaps many times over depending on the work you do and your compensation rate. To take it further…
  • Look beyond your first commission for that single new client…what do you think will be the lifetime value of that one client? How much might you earn through serving that single client over the lifetime of your career? But wait, we’re not finished…
  • What about all the new clients to whom that one first client will introduce you to, as a direct result of your outstanding service and your newly developed skills in seeking referrals? The payback on your investment grows exponentially.

But, like we said, ROI is the wrong question to ask. The real question should be:

How much are YOU PAYING right now, NOT to prospect?

Consider these facts:

  • You are paying not to prospect when you split a commission in exchange for a lead (but you still do all or most of the work yourself).
  • You are paying not to prospect when you purchase poor or unqualified leads (which are shared with competitors also).
  • You are paying not to prospect when you fail to seek referrals (or more often, fail to seek referrals correctly, because most people simply don’t know how to do it correctly).
  • You are paying not to prospect when you allow a client to fall through the cracks, and before you know it, they have gone somewhere else for service.
  • You are paying not to prospect when you fail to follow up on a new friend or acquaintance correctly and in a timely manner, despite your stated intentions to do so.
  • You are paying not to prospect when you are unable to build rapport with others, because your listening and interpersonal communication skills are not properly honed.
The list could go on, but we hope you get our point.

Prospect & Flourish ONLINE

$97 introductory price

Bounce-Back Offer

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate start of Published Content
  • Access to Bonus Content
  • Private Support Group

Prospect & Flourish ONLINE + Phone Consult

$297 introductory price

Bounce-Back Offer

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate start of Published Content
  • Access to Bonus Content
  • Private Support Group
  • 90-Minute Consultation Call

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for LIFE

What this means to you: if at any time, you decide that this program has not met your needs (having gone through the program, leveraged the resources and actually done the work), you can request a full refund of your purchase and we will cancel your online account access. 

Why do we make this pledge? It’s quite simple: we’re that confident in Prospect & Flourish, the quality of the instruction and information as it stands today, and in years to come.  Our commitment to you is for the long term. 

Not Yet Convinced?

Here's more of what others have said on AMAZON about previous editions of Prospect & Flourish...

Tom Heinmiller


Still quote Luscher in my coaching sessions...

So many prospecting books are just a rehash of the same ideas. Prospect & Flourish gave me some new ideas...and that's not easy - I've been in sales since 1968 and my strength is prospecting and opening new territories. I love to prospect, so my business has grown quickly and I have full pipeline. I still quote Luscher in my coaching sessions.

Bill Costner

President, Costner Consulting

The Complete Sales Guide!

I have been in sales for 30 years-read, attended seminars, participated in instructor lead courses and listened to many books on tapes etc., and none of those programs offered such a complete overview of the art of selling as Mr. Luscher outlines in his book. If you are considering the selling profession this book is a must read. It gives you real world examples and a to- do list, that if followed will enable you to be a success. The book provides a straight talking executable game plan that works. NO Gimmicks-just effective and proven techniques.

Mary Ann Sewell

Marketing Executive

Prospecting has become the most enjoyable part of my business...

Prospecting is the area I was the weakest and after reading and immediately implementing his principals, I find prospecting has become the most enjoyable part of my business. I have experienced immediate success in turning prospects into customers and creating relationships for future growth. Keith's step by step principals are solid, clear, logical, simple and highly implementable. Prospect and Flourish is a MUST HAVE in your personal library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question? Let us know and we will do our best to answer it.

Two months later, I am back into my old reactive routines. What should I do now?

What do you mean it isn’t about sales? It’s all about sales, isn’t it?

What do you mean, “Selling is easy”? No it’s not!

I want a program for my industry. Call when ready.

Can I get CE credit for successful completion?

Why take it ONLINE?


Prospect & Flourish ONLINE

$97 introductory price

Bounce-Back Offer

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate start of Published Content
  • Access to Bonus Content
  • Private Support Group

Prospect & Flourish ONLINE + Phone Consult

$297 introductory price

Bounce-Back Offer

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate start of Published Content
  • Access to Bonus Content
  • Private Support Group
  • 90-Minute Consultation Call

Still Not Sure?

Few business activities force you to step outside of your comfort zone more than prospecting can do; Indeed it occurs with professionals of all ages and experience levels. Enrolling in this program alone of course will not bring you the results you want—you know you will need to absorb it at your own pace, but begin taking action immediately.

That said, I know that online training programs can be pricey, which can be prohibitive for someone who may just be starting out. That’s why I wanted to offer it at a “no-brainer” price-point, backed by a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.  That’s how much I believe in it, and believe in YOU.

That said, if you have any additional questions, reach out to me directly. You may ring me at (614) 205-0830 (my mobile), or drop me an note at

Happy prospecting!

Keith F. Luscher | SYP Media, LLC