LinkedIn for Authority Accelerator

4 Parts 12 Lessons

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Welcome to the LinkedIn training, exclusively for Smart Media Solutions ACCELERATOR Participants. 

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Course Structure

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Part 1: LinkedIn Fundamentals 4 Lessons

Lesson 1.1 Introduction and LinkedIn Connections

Here we will introduce the LinkedIn platform at a very high level--with a special emphasis on understanding the various "levels" of connections on LinkedIn.

Lesson 1.2: Profile Optimization (The Basics with a Few Extras)

Here we quickly review the LinkedIn profile, and the first basic steps toward optimization.

Lesson 1.3: Update Your Network (Pre-Campaign)

One of the most important, and overlooked steps to take BEFORE beginning an automated outbound campaign on LinkedIn: get your network updated with current clients, contacts, and colleagues!

Lesson 1.4: Social Proof on LinkedIn

You only get one chance to make a first impression...and in the digital space, SOCIAL PROOF can be crucial. Learn about Social Proof and how to build your online reputation on LinkedIn.

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Part 2: Sales Navigator Strategies 4 Lessons

Lesson 2.1 Introduction to Sales Navigator

Here we give you a quick introduction to Sales Navigator, addressing one basic, fundamental question: "What am I paying for?"

Lesson 2.2: Lead Search by COMPANY

Did you know you can use LinkedIn to identify members of the C-Suite, and other decision-makers for specific companies? This is helpful when you have a list of target companies you'd like to go after, so we can identify their leaders and add them to your ACCELERATOR Connector Campaign.

Lesson 2.3: Tips for 3rd-Degree Connections

While your ACCELERATOR Connector Campaign focuses primarily on your 2nd-Degree connections on LinkedIn (see Lesson 1.1), your research for may uncover 3rd Degree connections with whom you would like to engage. Here's a quick lesson on how to handle that.

Lesson 2.4: Using Search Filters

LinkedIn is probably one of the greatest business databases on the planet...largely because it is constantly being updated, organically, by the people themselves. That being said, it's not perfect. When searching for prospects, SEARCH FILTERS may make your job easier. Here's a quick demo on how they work. 

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Part 3: Real-Time Engagement 2 Lessons

Lesson 3.1: Creating Conversations

If we were to summarize the point of ACCELERATOR in a single statement, it could be this: Creating Conversations that result in a prosperous business relationship. In this lesson, the rubber hits the road, and we introduce to you the strategies and approaches to truly convert online connections to OFFLINE CONVERSATIONS!

Lesson 3.2: Engaging on LinkedIn

With the tools in hand, here is a live demonstration of interacting with people on LinkedIn. This lesson came with a bonus...we actually see a prospect schedule a call with us in real time. (And, no, he was NOT attempting to SELL US!) 

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Part 4: Online Scheduling 2 Lessons

Lesson 4.1: Planning Your Availability

Here we first cover the overall importance of online scheduling and the benefits to your business. We then go into that very important first step: identifying specific blocks of time in the week during which you want to make yourself publicly available to schedule a call. 

Lesson 4.2: Your Online Scheduler

Here we introduce some available online scheduling platforms, with an introduction to Calendly. It's the one we use, although any of them will likely suit our simple needs.