The Know, Like & Trust Framework™

If You’re Confused and Overwhelmed, You Are NOT ALONE, and You Don’t Have to Be.

Does This Describe YOU when it Comes to “Digital” Marketing?

  • You likely hate it, because you don’t understand it. 
  • You also need it, because your competitors are using it more effectively than you (or so you think).
  • You fear the marketing money pit: throwing cash into one random effort after another with little or no return (or way to really track it). 
  • You don’t know where to begin, which leads to TECH OVERWHELM & INTERNAL PARALYSIS.

The result: you do nothing...and leave your salespeople to fend for themselves to prospect and sell, with no marketing or brand at their back. That ain’t fair. After all, technology is supposed to make our lives easier. 

Order out of Five Key Steps.

We know the feeling of confusion and overwhelm, because we’ve been there and we’ve seen the changes. But what hasn’t changed are the fundamentals...and that’s what we build upon to create order out of chaos in just Five Steps. These steps are the foundation of what we call the Know, Like & Trust Framework™:

  1. Define (very specifically) your Brand Message, and a reason for targeted prospects to want to speak with you (your Value Proposition...most businesses don’t have this!).
  2. Create your first Lead Magnet to attract and engage prospects. 
  3. Optimize your Website Home Page for prospect generation.
  4. Create an automated Email Outreach campaign to consistently touch prospects.
  5. Build your “Social Proof” with testimonials.

Complete these five steps and you are already doing what most of your competitors are likely NOT doing. have laid down a solid foundation for message-focused, consistent, ongoing marketing and sales activity—the heart of the Know, Like & Trust Framework™.

These First Five Steps BEGIN with Your Next One...

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