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“Sometimes the Old Ways are the Best.”

Skyfall, one of my all time favorite Bond films, offers a recurring theme of “timeless traditions.” Is there a business lesson here? Given my enthusiasm for technology and automation, you may be surprised by my answer.

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Everything I Need to Know, I Learned by Shopping at Aldi

Okay, perhaps “Everything I Need to Know…” is a bit exaggerated. But there is a lot to learn about life and business from Aldi. Take a look!

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Out to Change the World in 2018? Don’t Bother.

If your goals for 2018 include changing the world, you may need to dial that back and focus on something a little less global…like your zip code.

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The Power of a Sentiment

As we wrap yet another year, we will also be concluding a time during which so many of us found ourselves extending holiday greetings to all those on our radar screen. Wishing friends, associates, and colleagues a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year is a common courtesy, and a sincere one as well […]

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Listening: Three Steps to Your Most Important Skill

Listening is the most important skill you can develop. It’s key to mutual understanding, key to successful relationships. You can do it in three steps.

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