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“Sometimes the Old Ways are the Best.”

Skyfall, one of my all time favorite Bond films, offers a recurring theme of “timeless traditions.” Is there a business lesson here? Given my enthusiasm for technology and automation, you may be surprised by my answer.

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To Increase Word-of-Mouth…Give ’em Something to Talk About!

To increase word-of-mouth, become Legendary. That’s a bold word indeed! What we mean by legendary is to become the “stuff that tales are made from.”

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The Four “RIGHTs” for Effective Marketing

In B2B marketing today, generating that “First Conversion” is often regarded as the biggest challenge. But once we’ve achieved that first engagement (but before a final close), it’s not unusual to let our preoccupation with finding new prospects take our eyes off those we’ve already placed in our sales funnel. Here is where marketing automation—with the right balance of the human touch—can really make a difference.  

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Everything I Need to Know, I Learned by Shopping at Aldi

Okay, perhaps “Everything I Need to Know…” is a bit exaggerated. But there is a lot to learn about life and business from Aldi. Take a look!

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Prospecting is Like Exercise

The more I learn about the challenges people face when it comes to prospecting, the more I am convinced that it is so much like exercise. Consider these similarities and decide for yourself!

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Who Decides Your Value?

You don’t determine your value; your clients do. Every client (and prospect) values something different—although they will likely have much in common as well.

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Follow Up Until: the Art of Gentle Persistence

When prospecting for sales, reaching out to someone is often the easy part. Whenever and however you make your initial contact (whether it’s through LinkedIn or even by a pre-approach letter), there is the next step: the follow up. This requires mastering the art of “gentle persistence.”

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Who Says There is No Silver Bullet?

There IS a silver bullet to life’s most perplexing problems, and to life’s most compelling goals. And it has been under our noses the whole time.

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How Much Are You Paying NOT to Prospect?

We all have to prospect, and for some of us, it’s an activity we tend to put off. What we often fail to understand is the COST of doing so. How much are you paying, right now, NOT to prospect?

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Out to Change the World in 2018? Don’t Bother.

If your goals for 2018 include changing the world, you may need to dial that back and focus on something a little less global…like your zip code.

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