Philosophy: Stop Selling and Start SERVING.

At SYP Media, we often get the question: So what does “SYP” stand for? Whose initials are they?

Of course, they don’t represent anyone’s name. Rather, the letters represent our philosophy: Serve Your Prospects.

Sales and marketing is fueled by know, like and trust. Together, these elements are what fuel positive, prosperous relationships. We believe that the best relationships, especially in a business sense, are built by delivering value. This has been Luscher’s “business gospel” for well over 25 years–evidenced first in a booklet he wrote and published way back in the early nineties, called Promotional Publishing (In fact, it’s still listed on Amazon—but don’t try to buy it…it’s not available!). 

This was simply the process of packaging one’s knowledge, experience, and expertise in a particular field to educate and build trust with prospects and customers. Ideally, it was marketing intended not to sell, but to serve, by meeting a specific, targeted need of the prospect.

Today, this philosophy is alive and well…more commonly known as content marketing.

By “packaging,” in the old days, we meant producing solid, beneficial information into tangible products, such as books, reports, newsletters, and audio- and video-cassettes. It was obviously much more expensive before the age of digital distribution.

Today, this concept has revolutionized marketing at its core.

But the philosophy itself is not new. Luscher often referred to it as “…the perfect marketing tool for non-marketers…” because many marketing and sales people are hindered by the prospect of having to sell. But offering some small service, advice or delivering value, and thereby using that to build trust and relationship is much more appealing. It’s also highly ethical.

Think about it: which would you prefer to do? Sell or serve? Content marketing allows you to do both.