Is there a Silver Bullet?

By Keith Luscher

January 11, 2021

You may have heard the expression, “There is no silver bullet...” or “magic bullet.” And while I say there’s usually no “quick fix,” to life's great challenges, I would take issue with the absolute statement that there is no silver bullet.

There is a catch to it; there is, in many respects and from our perspective of prospecting, sales and marketing. But it also applies throughout all all areas of life. It does exist, but it comes in three parts:

One: You’ve got to do the right things. You just need to know what to do. Everything ultimately comes down to execution. It's one thing to have great ideas and plans and everything, but nothing happens unless you take action. Do you must do the right things. 

Two: You've got to do them right.  You need to do them in the right way.

Third: You've got to do them every day. It's important to do them every day, or at least on a consistent basis (whether it's every day, every week, every month, or every hour!)

This is our essential point today--and this is nothing new. Interestingly, I've been reading a a new book by Matthew Kelly where he actually makes this point: it all comes down to basics...that's the secret to success. He says that it it always comes down to the basics of just doing what you need to do but doing them on a consistent basis.

So that's our tip for this week. If you have any questions comments post them below! 

About the author

Keith F. Luscher is a management consultant, trainer and speaker focusing on advanced prospecting, content and automated marketing strategies. He specializes in alleviating the PAIN experienced by business leaders who lack brand message, and suffer from marketing tech overwhelm and internal paralysis.

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