What is Prospecting?

By Keith Luscher

January 4, 2021

Hello, this is Keith Luscher with a Prospect & Flourish weekly tip.

This is the first of a series of videos we're going to be doing for the in the coming year, most likely on a weekly basis. To start out first of all, when it comes to prospecting, whether you're in B2C, B2B, whether you're a job seeker, small business owner...everybody prospects for something in some way shape or form.

And it begs the question: what is it what is the definition of prospecting?

As we define it, and as I've been teaching it over the years...the definition of prospecting is the continuous activity of exploring for and qualifying new people to meet and talk with concerning the value you offer.

Now a key word in in that definition is continuous, because it's ongoing. It has to be ongoing, as with any positive habit, we need to do it on a regular basis, on a daily basis.

So anyway, that's the definition of prospecting! If you have any questions comments leave them below, and we will see you next time. 

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About the author

Keith F. Luscher is a management consultant, trainer and speaker focusing on advanced prospecting, content and automated marketing strategies. He specializes in alleviating the PAIN experienced by business leaders who lack brand message, and suffer from marketing tech overwhelm and internal paralysis.

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