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Marketing Your Business Can Be as Simple as:

STAGE 1: KNOW - Promoted content captures attention of cold, but targeted audiences. Builds interest and awareness. Engagement begins.

STAGE 2: LIKE - Audience members interact with your brand through your content and your people. Engagement grows...segmentation begins.

STAGE 3: TRUST - Conversion occurs through a purchase on a small or large scale. Conversions cycle upward as customer relationship grows, fueled by trust, nurtured through value.

SYP Media, LLC is a content agency and consultancy dedicated to helping you Serve Your Prospects so they will know you, like you and trust you. These three factors—KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST—are what most of us consider when we choose with whom we will do business (whether we are aware of this or not).

We achieve this through specialized services that enable you to package your knowledge, experience and expertise into tools, assets and resources that cultivate relationships with new prospects (as well as existing clients) by delivering value.

Further, we help you connect the seemingly countless points of your customer journey through SharpSpring’s automated marketing platform. This gives you the power, insight, and control to maximize your ROI by driving more leads, converting more sales, and optimize your marketing machine.   

Put Your Marketing on AUTO-PILOT.

SYP Media brings the power of marketing automation to small- and medium-size business.


Matt Byrne

All business development people are seeking greater ways for leverage and cost efficiencies. With Keith's approach to content discovery, he delivers! We have been able to leverage one channel to successfully create valuable content for many others. It has enabled us to more quickly respond to rapid changes in our industry, drive productive traffic to our web properties, generating more leads and boosting sales. Most importantly, because Keith has taken the time to learn our industry, he’s allowed me to do what I do best, let others do the rest.

Matt Byrne - President/CEO, Spiralight, Inc.

Suzanne Shively

With their help in content, web design and video, SYP Media has gotten my company ranked on Google for my industry's local search, and it has had a big impact on my business!

Suzanne Shively - Principal, Boyer Bookkeeping, Inc.

Matt Palmer

A big obstacle we often face to growing our business is actually running it. We always knew we had to continuously seek out new client relationships, but until we brought Keith Luscher in as our consultant, we didn’t give this activity the focus it deserved. With Keith’s counsel and interventions, we are focused! We are growing our bottom line and have raised our sights in where we want our business to be in the years to come.

Matt Palmer - CEO, The Joseph Group, Inc.

As a content/IP development expert, Keith has helped me create two leadership online journals that have over 135,000 readers in our communities. His efforts have landed me several new partners who will generate 25 percent of my revenue in the coming year. With his efforts and expertise I’ve been invited to speak on platforms with many global thought leaders that include M. R. Covey and Jeff Dyer to name just a few. I’ve also done guest blogs for several well respected global leadership brands that have allowed me to increase my reach into Europe and Australia.

Tripp Braden - Management Consultant