Help Your Prospects Find You with VIDEO

Most people know that Google is the number one search engine, but are unaware that YouTube is number two. In fact, the expression “YouTube it” is quickly becoming a common expression when searching for a quick how-to solution (Don’t know how to tie a necktie? YouTube it!). Most of you are likely aware that Google owns YouTube. They acquired it several years back at a very high cost, because they saw the future. And the future of the internet is video.

Perhaps you may have heard that one of the best ways for people to find your business online is through video. It’s true—but not just through YouTube searches, but through Google searches.

And yet, most Google searches do NOT yield video in their normal search results. But Google WANTS to rank video …but the market has yet to provide the content.

And that market is you. Think about that for a moment.

When you do a normal web search on Google, most of the time, it will yield only website-based results, with no videos. Once in a while, a YouTube video will appear–and you will know it right away because of the thumbnail images that stand out from the typical text-based web listings.

Why is this, especially when you consider all the videos that are uploaded each day?

By using video, people are doing the right things; but they just aren’t doing them right! Their videos are not correctly search engine optimized. What most people forget is that SEO does not take place after the video is complete and uploaded; it starts way before production. In fact, SEO is the first step of production, and continues throughout the process.

Most people have this backwards, unfortunately. And it’s for this reason that their videos are not getting found. 

At SYP Media, getting your video not just found, but RANKED ON PAGE ONE in your business or industry is our specialty.